Friday, July 9, 2010

Zander’s Big Performance

Tuesday, June 10, 2010Resized_DSC04908

I have been trying, for about 4 days now, to upload the video I took of Zander’s play to YouTube.  It just won’t work – keeps crashing!  So I decided to blog about it anyway, Resized_DSC04894 since Andre took photos and some story is better than no story at all!  The end of the year performance was held in a real theatre – with seating for about 1000 people – I had actually been there several times before when chaperoning school trips for Zander or Callie.  The show started at 7pm on a Tuesday night, and it seemed like only family attended.

French plays aResized_DSC04905re, to say the least, different than those in the US.  In general, it was not  a story at all, and I wouldn’t say Zander had a particular role to play.  It was more of a collection of skits centered around a travel theme.  He was heavily featured many, many times though – and often the first one on stage to speak at any given time.  The only glitch came right in the beginning, when he was trying to eat the bread crumbs dropped by his fellow actor and nearly choked to death on stage.  He held it together though, eventually spitting out the masticated mess into the hands of his wonderful teacher and continuing on, not missing a line…

He seems to be quite a gifted actor, he spoke with emotion and expression, and knew all his lines. Here are some photos…



Resized_DSC04930  Resized_DSC04932 Resized_DSC04935

 Resized_DSC04941 Resized_DSC04945 Resized_DSC04949

Resized_DSC04951 Resized_DSC04954 Resized_DSC04957

At the end, they came out for their bow, of course, but people in the French audResized_DSC04965ience are so very blasé…..  They clapped politely, but that was it.  I had flowers for his teacher, and gave them to her, which was obviously completely off the wall mad!  Catherine was absolutely wonderful with Zander, and we were lucky to have her teach him.  We also had a plaque made up for Zander to celebrate his success. Since Callie got medals for her GRS, we thought it only fair.  Also, I remember how my parents got a trophy for my sister Jennie’s first dance competition, just for participating.  We are so proud of our kids!  Bravo, Bravo, Bravo Zander!!!!


Hopefully sometime soon I’ll be able to upload the video and add it below…

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The Grauke-Collins Experience said...

Hurray for Zander! I see Theater Camp in that boy's future.


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