Friday, July 9, 2010

Family Bike Ride

The training wheels are off and we now can officially ride around as a family.  We did about 5 km the other weekend – and Griffin (the only one without gears) was in the lead almost the entire way.  It is amazing how strong he is….

Here are some photos.

Resized_HPIM6624 Resized_HPIM6629

Resized_HPIM6630 Resized_HPIM6632 Resized_HPIM6638 Resized_HPIM6643 Resized_HPIM6644          It was a really beaResized_HPIM6645utiful day, as you can see, and we stopped to have a picnic lunch along the way.  We decided to turn around after around 5 kilometers because everyone was getting tired (including me, but not Andre – even though he had already run about 15km that morning) I didn’t like the beginning of the ride, which had lots of car traffic – I am still not confident on my bike and I only feel safe where no cars are allowed! I really need to get in shape or pretty soon my kids are going to leave me behind.   This is a photo of the meter stick at the foot of the bridge stairs.  It is there so, when the Doubs floods (as it peri

odically does) you can see how high the water comes up.  The other thing that was amazing during this trip was the volume of the frogs, who must have been in mating season – the video doesn’t really show it – but it was practically deafening!   It was very fun and we are looking forward to lots more family bike rides….

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