Thursday, July 8, 2010

Griffin is 5

May 15, 2010Resized_HPIM6554 Resized_HPIM6558

So, Griffin turned 5 April 9th – you can see him above loving his Zuzu pet from Grammie and Grandpa – and thanking them for it over the phone.  We didn’t have his party until over a month later for the simple reason that he wanted to invite only 2 people, his best best best best friends: Timothe and Ludovine.  At the end of the Resized_HPIM6566day, Ludovine just wasn’t going to be able to come no matter when the party was (I get the feeling her mother doesn’t like our family) so we invited Michel Alexandre and Timothe instead – and it was a small but great party.

We had already made a special farm cake on his real birthday – so he chose brownies for this one – you can see he is a great helper in times such as this!  The extremely uneven hair line is due to a late night cutting session from Zander….

Michel got there first and we tossed a ball around..


We headed out back for some finger painting and follow the leader 



The first face is Michel Alexandre, followed by Griffin, Callie, Timothe and Zander!    The next thing Griffin wanted to do was open presents.  Traditionally, we don’t do this until the end of a French party, so I said no.  Griffin came up to me, very politely and said:  “Actually, Mom, I think you forgot.  This is my party so I get to deciResized_HPIM6602de.”  He added, for good measure: “Only I know about me.”

Griffin had worked very hard on this party, choosing the games, the music to play and, of course, who to invite – he really wanted it to be his party.

One of my golden rules of parenting is Don’t sweat  the small stuff so I changed my mind and let him open his gifts.  He got a Lego Truck (which Zander promptly stole to build ‘for’ Griffin) and a Cars kite and cup.  He loved all the gifts! And here he is giving bisous (kisses) to his friends as a thank you…. I’m not sure why he is going for the neck instead of the traditional cheek!

Resized_HPIM6604 Resized_HPIM6605

We had our cake, played some dress up and then the fun German party game where we hide the candy bag under a pot… Having only 2 guests made this a very stress free party – it was great!  Happy Birthday, Mr. Muffin!

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