Saturday, July 17, 2010


You may have gathered I am whipping through my blog backlog – I realize it is not my best writing – but I’m getting the story out there – and my goal is to get to telling you all about ITALY!!!

These are some everyday shots of the kids being themselves – silly friends!  This is the road we took to school each day.

Resized_DSC00023 Resized_DSC00024 Resized_DSC00026

Here are some photos of Zander walking home with a friend from school. It is wonderful how much he has progressed in French this year – they are all truly fluent nowadays – and I don’t understand them half the time. This may become a major problem when they get older…

Resized_HPIM6701 Resized_HPIM6702 Resized_HPIM6841

Last, but not least, we have a couple photos of friends.  First is Adeline, my French friend I hang out with about once a month – she speaks amazing English and we like to eat out together.  Next is the family of Lilou – we finally had them over for dinner one night towards the end of the school year – it was fun.

Resized_DSC00048 Resized_DSC000150

Friends are good….

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