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French Mother’s Day

May 30,  2010Resized_HPIM6677

French Mothers Day is about three weeks after the US version – last year we celebrated on the American date – but this year we went French.

It was a wonderful day – starting with snuggle time.  We snuggle as a family (sometimes Daddie is running but he usually makes it back on time) for about 15 or 20 minutes before we get up everyday.

Then I opened presents.  Here I am getting my gifts….


Griffin had made several things at school for me including a very awesome ShrinResized_HPIM6686ky Dink pin.  He also was sent home with a poem:

Maman – cuisine Qui buerre mes tartines (Mom cooks – she butters my toast)

Maman – calin – Quand j’ai du chagrin (Mom hugs when I am sad)

Maman – orage – Quand je ne suis pas sage (Mom is mad when I am not good)

Maman bisou – la dans le cou (Mom kisses, here on my neck)

Maman de pierre ou bien de mousse (Mom of rock or pudding)

Maman colere ou maman douce (Mom yelling or mom snuggling)

Maman, je t’aime!  (Mom, I love you!)

Resized_HPIM6690Callie drew me a wonderful picture – a large heart filled with x’s and o’s (this is picked up from my mom, who always sends them letters with xo hearts) and a note.  “I love you so so much mama. I wich you have a happy mather’s day today.”


Zander was not too happy about the idea of mothers day – he didn’t want to do anything for me or make me any gifts.  Through arm-twisting by Daddie, he finally sort of colored a dinosaur post card – he told me the dinosaurs were the kind that ate moms on mothers day.  He also did his best to ruin every picture taken that day and resist all the activities we had planned.  It really hurt my feelings, especially since I remember loving doing special things for my mom on mother’s day – and also because, when it was fathers day a few weeks later, he went all out.

Then it was on to the main event – packing for Andre.  Yes, he was headed to Paris and then Norway for the next week and we had to do a lot of preparation.  We finally finished in the early afternoon and headed over for a walk at Mont Faucon.  I was in it for the wildflowers…

Here are lots of shots.



Mont Faucon was as beautiful as ever – it is fun to be able to clamber around in a true ruin – but also a bit scary – we ran into an old man who hiked all over the hills for 50 years and told Andre all sorts of stuff about the area and history of preservation attempts here… Resized_P300510_15.56 Resized_P300510_15.58 Resized_P300510_15.58[01]

Then it was wildflower time!

Resized_P300510_16.27[01] Resized_P300510_16.27[04]Resized_P300510_16.41[01] 

If I ever become independently wealthy – I wish to build a roof top garden on top of our Gowen Circle home – the garden will be a field of wildflowers such as this…. with purple butterflies!

Resized_P300510_16.30 Resized_P300510_16.28[02]Resized_P300510_16.36 

Then it was time to head back to the car….. Zander even held my hand part of the way – when he thought no one was looking!


It was a great day.  I am so happy to be a mom – and have such a wonderful family with so many opportunities to have fun together.  Goodbye Mont Faucon!

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