Sunday, February 22, 2009

Zander's Blog

The following was transcribed as Zander spoke, so it is as authentic as I could manage - he talks fast! Zander said:

So, my bed has been pretty cold to sleep in, but I still can sleep. These nights I have been sleeping in and I wake up in the middle of the night 'cause of Callie - she wants me to let her do some stuff to play 'cause in the night, she says that she gets bored. All my animals, I care about them, and I sometimes make little houses with them. And, do you see that toilet paper roll in my pile? That's because I get snuffy alot.

This is my special place. I found it at the thrift store, and I said "Mom, could I get this?" and she said "yes" and I said, "could I get it today?" and she said "no" - but day after day we were getting furniture, like mommie and daddie's cabinet and their wooden furniture. Then, finally I got mine and Callie got a little doggie one. I have 2 special places and Callie has 3. Well, this little lock, you would think you would be able to get a lock and put it so it goes through but it doesn't.

Well, in my special place I have 285 marbles in a box and I have my paper box (that red one) and in that parachute I have a dog and in that yellowish looking plastic bag is my telescope and binoculars and a monocular. In our family, if you have a special place, you put your special things in there and no one else can take it BUT if someone else takes something the person who owns it takes it from them when they are taking it out to play with - they are NOT allowed to do that, if you know it's theirs.

This is what looks like a big pile of snow, but it is actually a football field, which is made of fake grass. Do you know when mom and dad blogged about the bat flying around eating the bugs? This is the same field. And even in the snow they go soccering here. The strange thing is that Callie and Griffin have to walk past it every day on the way to school because their school is on the other side of it and there is something amazing about this field. Underneath the field is actually a train tunnel! How do you know that it is there? There is NO way - actually you can't tell that it is under there at all. And we, Callie, Zander, Griffin and Mama and Dada have been there, in the train tunnel.

Well, this is Mama and Daddie at Smith playhouse camp and they are on the spinny which goes very fast. Some kids can't stay on it - Mama has to cling on it when Daddie pushes her. Well, I like it but sometimes you can't do it if no one can start you. A lot of the time I only liked it if there were two people on it - one could be here and one could be there. Well, I went to Smith Playhouse Camp and I had a teacher and she brang to my place a jewelry necklace thing - and I made Grammie a necklace, which Grammie weared, but I accidentally dropped it and it broke, one bead. This picture is in Mommie and Daddie's room on their dresser.

This is Griffin running around, trying to not get caught by a camera flash. I thought that was a pretty hard game to try to get a picture of him. So I tried to do it and get him, plus, I did the same with the cat. Well Griffin is screaming as he's doing it, like "AAHAAA, AHHHAAA" and he's shutting a door, which there is another picture and all you can see is a door with a little light. He has this necklace that he says is only for the night - but he's been wearing it all day -so I don't think it is an only a night necklace. And, do you see him running like that? I got a picture of only his hair because he was running like that - which was not too good. I got a lot of pictures that were not too good.
He said "AAAAAAA" and then he shuts the door and he pees in his pants and then he gets undressed so his legs are all naked and he's walking down the steps and then he is walking down the steps and he has no pants on and then he comes up with new pants on and starts running around again - then I try taking pictures of the cat.
I think he thinks I'm still playing this game, which I don't think I am.

This is Simone, standing on the stairs, and she's looking at me like "What is he doing?" So then I take a picture of her, and then she runs under the bed, and so I take a picture of her underneath there and then she comes out again - and then she goes in the living room. And I take pictures of her on the rug and plus I take one of her walking away out of the room. Simone is not allowed in the living room because she scratches the couches, but I thought it would be good to take some pictures of her on the rug.

This is Callie, starting to make dinner for our whole family today - she got chips, some juice and some pasta and some cheese and some lines of cheese and some cheesy bacon sauce and tomatoes and a treat and it was delicious. And this is Callie behind all of our family, and if you look very closely you can see it a bit, on the one persons family - if you imagine you can just see them but it is hard to tell who they are. Grammie can tell about the family she knows, but the Petersons can tell who they know. But we can tell them all. It is very small, but we can see them a lot better because they are on our door. If they were real sized, they would be too big for the blog.

This is a humungous train track that me and Daddie built - but I built on it more. That black line is actually the Polar Express. It's hard to get the whole track - In a different blog I can show you more. This gray thing is a Cardboard Castle that I put a little lego wall between it. The pink castle is Callie's castle for her princesses - I made it into another wall for the castles. Then, you see that green pile on the side? Daddie made it into another wall but Mom knocked it down. It actually has barely any walls, compared to the Citadel. Well, we have some lego soldiers and if you look on the side near the green part, it is actually part of the train track - the black line again is actually another train on the track. It is actually the breakdown train.

This is a recipe momma made that she found in a magazine that we ate twice. The person who made it said that her kids liked it. And everyone did, except for Griffin until we said it was pink soup. The second time we had it he said, "I don't like pumkin soup." and then, "I don't like tomato soup" and then Mama said, "No, I made tomato soup for Callie and Zander and I made pink soup for you, Griffin" Oh, then he liked it. That worked because pink is his favorite color - and we dipped grilled cheese in it which is strange.
I took all the pictures of this and I liked making it with my mom. I miss everybody. Love, Zander


Shana said...

This is absolutely precious! Zander is amazingly clear and expressive. I would share his blog with Baz and Ayla, but I'm afraid then they, too, would want their own blogs and my computer would suddenly be monopolized by little people... :)

D. André Dhondt said...

That's for sure... the very next day Zander was asking for another turn to write a blog entry. It's a slippery slope! Still, it was a good 'special time with mommy' activity and so I think it was worth it. Maybe we'll be seeing more of these some day.


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