Saturday, February 21, 2009

long run to chappelle de buis

Last Sunday I went for a long run that was quite beautiful... I've decided to stop blogging here about most of my runs except for the scenic routes, and at this time of the year that means weekend runs since my normal 5:30 runs are too dark to see anything. Well, because of our hike on Saturday I really wanted to get a look at a ridge line that seems higher than any of the hills I've climbed so far, and so I also decided to bring the good camera along. I started from our house with a descent to theDoubs and this beautiful old train bridge:

The bridge was right at the bottom of the citadel:

From there I continued upriver to go through this arch:

...and then I scooped up behind the citadel on a steep switchback road that was covered in ice. It was hard to keep moving up, it was so slippery. I had looked at a map before I went out and identified a dead-end road that looked promising for seeking the highest point on the ridge. This led me along farm roads and then turned into a footpath. I think that this entrance is an old arsenal... but it was too dark to go inside and I was on a run, anyway.

Next I emerged from the forest to find this pretty little church building amongst a tiny village. I got great views from the church parking lot.

Then I headed to a scenic overlook, but I didn't get any good pictures at that spot. Now it was time to run downhill! I found this old roman road, but it didn't look passable at this time of year,

then I got some more views of the citadel. At the bottom I hit the beautiful Doubs, before heading back up through our residental (and not as picture-worthy) neighborhood. All in all, it was a 2-hour run. I have no idea if I ran a decent pace, since so much of the terrain was icy or uphill or downhill, but I felt pretty good on the run. I also really enjoy the exploration!

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