Friday, February 6, 2009

Griffin - the sadistic ice cream man

Just thought I would tell a cute Griffin story.....

Picture this:

Griffin and Mommie on the carpet in the living room. Griffin has his little tykes ice cream car. This particular thrift store find is covered in stickers featuring ice cream as well as plastic- embossed ice cream treats. It also features a small blue button on top of it which plays, when pressed, the Mr. Softee jingle. We have had it for like, 4 years, and the jingle still works although I have never replaced the battery. Hmm....

Here's the scenario:
Mommie has a person who would like some ice cream. Griffin is the ice cream man.

Mommie has been waiting, rather impatiently, for some time while the ice cream man goes to all the other children and towns in the area.....

Finally, the ice cream truck enters her block HOORAY!!!!

(In the following scene, "hungry person"(HP) is played by yours truly and Ice Cream Man (ICM) is Griffin, who speaks in the deepest voice you can imagine coming out of a 3 year old - think a toddler version of James Earl Jones)

HP: I'd like some ice cream, please.
ICM: Oh, well, we're all out of ice cream. You have to wait until tomorrow.
HP: Waaaaaaaaaaahhh!
pause for about 30 seconds....
ICM: OK, it's tomorrow!
HP: I would like chocolate ice cream, please.
ICM: Oh, we don't have any chocolate.
HP: What do you have?
ICM: We have what's on my truck. (truck has ice cream stickers etc... on it)
HP: (pointing to dairy bar) OK, I'll have that one.
ICM: Oh, we don't have that one.
HP: OK.... How about an ice cream cone?
ICM: Oh, we ran out of ice cream cones.
HP: When will you get more?
ICM: In seven minutes.
another 30 second pause
ICM: OK, it's seven minutes.
HP: So, can I have a cone?
ICM: No, you are not allowed to have a cone.
HP: Well, what can I have????
ICM: Hmmm... we have.... this one. (pointing to chocolate covered banana)
HP: But I don't like those! Don't you have anything else?
ICM: No, we only have that one.
HP: When will you get more?
ICM: You have to wait until tomorrow.

He loves to talk, and he will do anything to prolong conversation - the technique of never agreeing to anything serves him very well to this end. He is endlessly creative - it is really fun to play with him.

He LOVES playing with cars - another top hit vehicle of choice is his bus- a green British looking one my mom gave him right before we moved here. In this game I am a person waiting at the bus stop. When the bus comes along - you guessed it - I can't get on. It is NEVER my bus - and when will my bus come along? In seven minutes, of course. All the busses here in Besancon have numbers - he loves to tell what numbers his busses are - for some reason 64 is a favorite number of his for the bus route- frequently along with 17 - although neither of these match the line numbers we usually take (that would be either 34 or 4 most of the time). He is happy to tell you where they go to. Popular destinations include: the store, home and the restaurant, but, alas, in Griffin's world, if you are lucky enough to get on the bus where you want to go, it will often change route, and number, while you are still on it.

He also enjoys trains. Today we were playing trains together (of course my train was never allowed on the track - the breakdown train had to come and it was unavoidably delayed). The names of the trains were: Grumpy (who had the James Earl Jones voice of course), Mr. Girl (who had a very high pitched voice) and Mr. Silly Willy (who was the baby).

He does great playing with Zander in this game - it is fun to watch them play together.

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