Sunday, November 16, 2008

a quieter weekend

Saturday we decided we'd stick closer to home... we needed to get some shopping done, and Zander had a birthday party to go to in the afternoon. Have we mentioned how the grand surface grocery stores around here are organized kind of like Wal-Mart (a store we'd be embarrassed to shop in back home, because of our anti-corporate, anti-trade deficit, and pro-union stance)? We also like to avoid the big stores like that here, but there's a practical limit when we don't have a car and we don't know where to buy stuff... we can go to just one place where they sell everything from food to motorcycles! It's interesting to note the emphasis on cheese here--a separate 6-foot section for each kind of cheese:

Oh, and that's not even the high-quality cheese, here it is (well, neither is this if you ask the French--you have to go to a fromagerie):

Fort de Chaudanne
Today while Zander was at the birthday party, we decided that Rebecca would have one-on-one time with Callie while I went for a run with Griffin. Griffin loves to throw rocks in water, so I took him to the Doubs to do just that... but on the way I noticed this great hill I hadn't yet conquered... so after throwing rocks we went to see Fort de Chaudanne. It was probably 200 meters in ascent with lots of switchbacks, so it took me over 45 minutes to ascend. After enjoying this view, I was tired and wanted to take a shortcut back home... straight down steps and more rugged switchbacks. For this part of the journey, Mr G had to walk. Made it home in 3 hours!

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