Sunday, November 2, 2008

a long walk through Centre Ville

Today was dedicated to play and sightseeing... and as such is best described with pictures:

We started out with the idea that we'd go play in the park by the river, and getting ever-so-much more confident with the buses around here, we realized we'd have to take the C bus since it is a holiday (Toussaint). So we easily caught a bus down to the river front and noticed our way was flooded...

Just kidding! That's the way we normally go... this time we were planning on going the other way. Despite the cloudy skies, it really was a beautiful fall day:

This park is called le gare d'eau and besides having some lovely ponds and gardens, it has a great playground.

This was only the first stop on our tour for the day. We then proceeded to the tunnel that was cut under the citadelle about 140 years ago; it comes complete with water locks and a walkway on one side.

We then passed through one of the last remaining gates to the city:

We drank from this fountain since the sign indicates that it is drinkable water. Then we walked a few blocks past things like this....

... to go see the astronomical clock:

Sunday started with pancakes (and thanks to Grandma Peterson, gluten free ones for Griffin):

and of course, another block structure (collaborative effort with Callie, Zander and me, Daddy):


The Grauke-Collins Experience said...

Just lovely. What a great thing you're doing for your children, exposing them to all of this. We loved the Halloween blogging, and, yes, we all thought of y'all and Halloweens past.

Now for Thanksgiving overseas!


Chelsea said...

It looks like you guys are having a great time enjoying your new experience.


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