Monday, November 24, 2008

Friday we get a date night!

Since Rebecca hasn't eaten a meal without kids since probably Oct 3 (we went out for our anniversary), and we thought that it would be fun to go out on a date... we scheduled our babysitter, who speaks only French, and we decided to go out to dinner and some window shopping Friday evening (as it's dark and cold outside the other date ideas we had for this evening didn't sound so fun--bike ride, walk through centre ville). To keep things simple we decided to try out a restaurant near us...only about a five-minutes' walk. At around 6pm we headed over to make reservations, and arrived at this door:

Locked and dark... what is this blunder? I thought that restaurants made their livelihoods on Friday nights! Well, the consignment shop was right across the street, and we haven't yet looked at it, so in we went. It looked like it was all women's clothing, and they had some winter coats. We found a nice warm one for Rebecca (since she's been wearing an unlined shell) for only 30 euros. Hooray! We then asked the shop owner when the restaurant across the street was open--she responded, "right now". Huh? Guess it opened while we were shopping!
Across the street we went, and they were indeed open, and available for a 7:15 slot. Oh (besides the accent), they knew we were foreign by that request. The locals don't even think about going to dinner until 9pm!
So we did some more window shopping in the neighborhood and came back for a lovely, delicious, quiet dinner. We had escargot (definitely better here than anywhere else we've had it, though still not a dish that I like) and some other traditional Franche-Comté food.

That was the night... back home in time that the kids were asleep and we could watch another episode of Buffy in french :)

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