Saturday, November 15, 2008

france TV 3 comes to see us

Friday, a TV crew came to film me--they're doing a story on a man from Japan that moved to work here, and me. It should make an interesting story for the local audience... that the town they know and love is something others discover and want to make a part of their lives too...

So, at work I always program with a partner, and when the TV crew arrived my 'pair' announced he didn't want to be on TV! Now what? I asked around and NOBODY else wanted to be on TV either.... but why not? Oh well, I finally got someone to agree (Nicolas) and so we worked for a while. It seemed to me like they got some good clips of us working well as a team because people kept talking to each other to bounce ideas around the room.

At one point they interrupted me to ask: so, what does Besançon have to offer that New York doesn't? My answer: a balance between work life and family life. My career, my work, is very important to me, but that's not enough. I want to know my kids, I want to share life with my partner. New York was completely out of balance... so many people work 80+ hour weeks there, and I just don't want that. Here I can walk to work, have lunch with the kids sometimes, be with the whole family for breakfast and dinner every day, and even drop them off at school each morning. All that, plus an amazing job, a great team, lots to learn and lots to teach, and the opportunity to live in a place that is, in many ways, a grand vacation to see a new part of the world.

After filming at work, the TV crew wanted to see Rebecca and the kids, so we met them at lunch break. Supposedly they'll be editing the clips next week, so stay tuned for show times.

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