Sunday, November 30, 2008

frost heralds the season de Noel

The last few mornings the frost around here has been quite amazing... the mist rolls across the hills and then freezes to everything. I can't capture much of it with my camera, but the trees get this white glow to them, and these spider webs just outside of work were a hundred times thicker than normal:

With the cold, everyone has been sick... I had a touch of another flu, and everyone else has had a cold. So we slept in Saturday morning, then went shopping for coats and gloves for the kids. Here's the coats. Griffin really wanted to have a pink or yellow coat, but after looking 4 places and not finding anything yellow and nothing warm and pink, we made him get this green coat. His consolation prize is that he can have pink gloves and a pink hat. We also found a coat for me, the first winter coat I ever bought (my last one, which had a broken zipper and over 15 years of use, or, um, disuse, since I only used it to go sledding with the kids, was so beaten up I threw it away back in the US). My coat, from the magasin d'occasion (thrift store) was 45 euros. Zander wanted to point out that his jacket says Himalaya on it-he figures this means it will keep him really really warm!

For fun we topped off the day with the beginning of the Christmas shopping season in centre ville:

Today I went on long run with Callie in the stroller. She hasn't been on a run with me for months, and I wanted to go somewhere new, so I headed over the 'mountain' to our south east. We passed lots of sheep, cows, beautiful fields, and ended up in Pirey, a neighboring town, before turning around... total run time around 90 minutes.

We got home to warm pancakes, then we all went on a trip to a local artisan show/sale... we picked up a couple lightweight gifts we'll be mailing out to some of you :)

Then we had another round of naps (well, Callie and Zander watched tv), and headed out to a concert advertised as 'ancient musical instruments'-well, it was an organ, flutes, and a bass... but still nice to hear some live music. Relaxing weekend, overall.

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