Monday, November 17, 2008


My life is frantic. Is every one's life like this? OK, I know it is my fault - I fill my life to the brim!

Monday - wake up, get kids out the door and return home to check the blog to see if anyone commented on last night's entry - I know that people normally don't and it doesn't mean anything, but I always have to check, just in case!

Then take Griffin to school . He is still peeing in his pants everyday and, now 8 weeks into potty training intensively, I am starting to despair. Today's totals: 2 times in the potty, 5 times in the pants (pretty typical). He is used to his new, I start late, routine, but it still embarrasses me every day.... No matter where I go, I just have to be weird.

Well, the new part of the routine today will be my entry into the French classroom. I have been told by many different people that parents are not welcome participants in the education realm in this country but Valerie, Callie's brilliant teacher, has invited me in. (I'm not saying she's brilliant b/c she asked me to come in - although that was a good move - I say it because she is just one of those teachers that lights up the classroom with her energy and ideas). Anyway, as I am used to going in regularly and have been in withdrawal I am excited and looking forward to teaching them one of the great children's songs of our day, taught to me during the Chestnut Hill Library story time, 5 Little Hot dogs. It was the easiest song I could think to teach them - and it turned out great! In fact, it was so popular the teacher has asked me to come back again and teach another song - any ideas for more simple repetitive ones that would still appeal to 5 year olds out there? She also wants to record my voice singing it since she wants them to hear my American accent - hope I can keep in tune.... Also she wants me to come in and maybe cook an American dish with them or play an American game.... (tips also welcome for this - can't do my standard cook-with-class dessert: Irish potatoes b/c there is no cream cheese here!) Do you think she is actually a secret blog reader and senses my need for something to do outside my four walls??? André did mention the blog to the TV crew when they were here the other day and even showed them the URL - I simultaneously fear and pray that it will be broadcast for the Bisontin world to view.... do you think I'll get stoned or spit upon?

By then it is 10am - between 10 and 11:20 I do the following (on foot, and remember, each destination is at least 1km from every other) - go to the post office and get the mail, go to the boulangerie and get the daily bread, go to the grocery store and pick up the weeks' groceries, lug said groceries (and bread, and package) home and unload them all into their proper places, set table and prepare healthy, well balanced lunch for kids and self (hot dog balls, yogurt, applesauce, pears, bread and cheese) and then race to school and pick them up by 11:30am. Yes, folks, that is the content of my typical 'break' for the day - and doing that sans kiddos is so much easier! I really do wonder how people who work full time accomplish all this stuff - do they do it on 2 hour lunch breaks - or - since no one here sleeps as much as we do - after work or on weekends?

Spent the afternoon bonding with Griffin (i.e. go to the park, change wet pants, make some art, change wet pants, do some laundry, change poopy pants, etc...) and then go to get older two munchkins at school.
Well, when I go to get Callie at the end of the day, Valerie has posted pictures of me singing to the kids on the class wall - I wanted to take a picture of this display to show all of you but got worried that the other parents would think it too bizarre... Update on that - I waited until the next day when dropping Griffin off late and no one was around - see the display right - translation is "this morning Callies mom came to our class to teach us an american song - 5 little hot dogs"

When André got home he decided to put up another bike hook while I finished dinner - it is Monday, and after 5pm (well within the formerly defined 'ok to drill' parameters set out by neighbors). Well, they didn't exactly tell him to stop they just brought the little OSB (OverlySensitiveBaby) out to the courtyard to scream where we could hear his misery.... poor little guy... and yes, let's add another black mark on our 'good neighbor' record. Destiny is for a few more of those since we have 2 or 3 more hooks to mount over the next few days...

Lonely in Besancon



Shana Kennedy said...

American children's songs, mais oui!
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Five Little Monkeys (Jumping on the Bed)
Old MacDonald
Head, Shoulders Knees & Toes about some Christmas carols in December?

Anonymous said...

Once I was a snowman- Alligators- American food? What’s that? Didn't we just steal food ideas from all over the world? I think most "moms" daily activities are like yours. Busy busy busy. There's a lot of chauffeuring and changing butts.. at least they should grow out of the latter...but not soon enough..


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