Tuesday, November 25, 2008

our first snow

On our way to the piscine (pool) Saturday morning, the kids were delighted to stomp around and eat these miniscule amounts of snow:

After the pool, Zander had a birthday party to go to (at his friend Anouc's house) and Callie had a play date here (Lea). It was amazing to hear Callie interact with another child for a long time... she spoke almost exclusively in French, often using simple imperatives like "come" or "there you go" or "take it" but at other times using whole phrases, like "what is this?" and then saying "in american, it's a 'princess'". She has such a great accent and is so confident. Her friend seemed to have a great time. Oh, and by the way, we speak American. English is that language that comes from the British Isles, and they use different words and have a different accent!

Zander's party was not what he had expected... unfortunately there were a lot of really hyped -up kids that were running around playing and he just didn't quite understand, felt excluded, and lost. He came home exhausted and sad... This was the second birthday party he had been to, and the first was better for him because there were more adults that could help translate and assist him. Maybe it would have been better if one of us had accompanied him... I'll have to ask the next time there is a party to confirm whether adults can come along too.

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