Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring, Light, and Innovation

Spring is probably my favorite time of year—not just because of all the crocuses followed by cherry blossoms, followed by dozens of wildflowers—but because it brings daylight to my runs.  Recently I’ve been training for the Trail des Forts (short version, 28k/17 miles, 3900 ft of uphills)—not sure if I’ll actually compete in it—but in preparation for it I did the Course la Loue and it didn’t go very well, and I’ve been doing double-and triple-hill runs every weekend.  I run down to Bregille or Chaudanne Friday mornings, and then do a long, exploratory run Sundays.  The greatest part of these long runs at this time of year, as I mentioned before, is that after around 30 minutes on the road, I get sunlight, ultimately sunrise, and views like this:P180410_13.16

Still, since many spring flowers close up at night, much of the glory is hidden from me until lunch break, when I return to the office:


This is the peak season for dandelions, and all these new spring flowers remind me of new ideas, i.e., innovation—the perfect foreground for Temis Innovation.  I was just in Paris on business yesterday (the suburbs, anyway), and so today I better appreciated the place I am in now—the open space, the flowers, the fresh air, the trees.


Though downtown Paris is beautiful, in the commercial areas one gets views like this:

P200410_13.21 …instead of this: P210410_13.52

Welcome, Spring!

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