Monday, April 19, 2010

5 years old!


Yes, Resized_HPIM5679it is finally time for the birthday we have all been waiting for. Griffin turned five on April 9th, 2010.

He requested a farm cake for his birthday. He helped me bake the cake on Thursday night, leaving only the decorating for the morning. I love to make special cakes for the kids on their birthdays but the farm was a bit more challenging than I had anticipated. Luckily Zander was eager to help me out and had lots of great ideas. He was particularly instrumental in making the farmer.

Here’s some shots of the finished product. Special features include: barn, fence, chicken, pig, farmer and a rosie rock garden. All edible naturally. Special thanks to Grammie for the starburst which provided perfect (when heated) material for making various items in the farmyard.

Resized_HPIM5665 Resized_HPIM5671 Resized_HPIM5667 Resized_HPIM5672

Of course, it was also delicious! I doctored the gluten free mix we had and it came out amazingly well. Griffin also got to open his grandparent packages (one from UT and one from DE). He had been waiting quite impatiently! He got a Zuzu pet and stickers and a fun light for his helmet and a little robotic bug. He loved everything!

Resized_HPIM5678Resized_HPIM5674 Resized_HPIM5680

Best of all, the next morning we put the pedals on the bike and off he went! He said he would do it when he was 5 and so he did--this video captures his very first ride on the bike (with pedals and no training wheels), he was up for so long! We will have a party at school for him once school begins again (right now we are in spring break) and a real birthday party at home for his friends (probably the first weekend of May). Sorry it’s taking so long, Griffin!

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