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SResized_DSC04144o, we headed out of Amsterdam, through a brief (believe it or not) hail storm!!!    It was worth it thoResized_DSC04147ugh, since, afterwards, we got to see a most glorious rainbow. 

The day had been long and the kids were exhausted.  Soon after our picnic-in-the-car dinner (peanut butter and jelly sandwiches) they fell asleep as André and I drove towards our homeland of France.  We only drove for about 4 hours, but it was very hard since we were both exhausted too.  We stopped at the first French rest stop we could find at around 10:30 and set up camp.  Resized_DSC04149

All the kids, of course, had been more than a little bit concerned aboResized_DSC04152ut Easter.  This was especially worrisome to Callie, for some reason.  How would the Easter Bunny find us if we weren’t at home?  Couldn’t we just take this trip another weekend? 

But, wonderful bunny that she is, the Easter bunny didn’t let a little thing like location stop her annual mission.  Griffin woke up first and informed everyone excitedly that, sure enough, the Easter bunny had found our car and hidden eggs in it.  He woke up his brother and sister and the egg hunt began in earnest.  In the end, all the kids ended up with a bag of candy as well as 4 playdoh eggs.   Even Mommie and Daddie got a bag of candy to share. 

All the kids were simply amazed by this miracle and kept trying to figure it out.  How did the bunny find us?  How did she get into the car?   Zander got up in the night to go potty and was convinced the bunny hopped in when the door was open.  He also said she chased us down the highway.  I asked how she got out of the car again after that, but no answer was forthcoming.

Resized_DSC04155 Resized_DSC04156 Resized_DSC04159 Resized_DSC04162

In addition to this miracle, a trucker across the way must have noticed the frolicking in our car and came over with a bag of incredibly fresh Valencia oranges.  They were a delicious accompaniment to our Easter egg and candy breakfast.   Thank you Easter bunny and trucker!  Happy Easter everyone!

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