Sunday, April 25, 2010

The 400 Gouts

I went along with Griffin on Tuesday for a museum trip.  The trip was to the Academy of Natural Sciences in Montbeliard and the point was to introduce the kids to their senses (taste especially).  I was glad to go along to protect Griffin from wheat – since just the week before his teacher gave him some cake.

It was fun – here are shots of the kids tasting sugar, coconut and chocolate – yum!

Resized_HPIM5915 Resized_HPIM5916 Resized_HPIM5918Resized_HPIM5919

I knew my status in the French world had risen since I was given charge of 4 whole children!  Griffin, Wassim, Noa and Valentine.  The only problem is that I was having an issue with pronouncing Wassim and Valentine correctly.  Waseem and Valenteen – not Wazeem and Valentan!!!  All day they kept correcting me – how frustrating and embarrassing.

Resized_HPIM5927 Resized_HPIM5930 Resized_HPIM5944 Resized_HPIM5946

In the afternoon we had lunch and spent time in a lovely park. There was a giant ant statue and lots of ducks.

 Resized_HPIM5949 Resized_HPIM5953 Resized_HPIM5954

Resized_HPIM5952 Resized_HPIM5960 Resized_HPIM5968

Then we all played in the park – though the French teachers and other moms were too afraid to let the kids climb to the top of the structures.  Griffin had to be talked down!  He was afraid to do the slide and ended up going down with Marilene – his beloved art teacher.

Resized_HPIM5973 Resized_HPIM5980 Resized_HPIM5982 Resized_HPIM5986

Fun times!

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