Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fields of Gold/Joy….


For whatever reason, the dandelions are absolutely taking over Besancon this April.  They coat every patch of grass weResized_HPIM5910 spy and they are just amazingly beautiful.  I am loving every minute of it.  Dandelions are tough, but also gorgeous.  They remind us to  bloom where we are planted, even if other people call us weeds.

I’ve had this song in my head for days, one I listened to with my friends Jessica and Jonna in high school… “Let’s wander slowly through the fields…. slowly, slowly through the fields…. I  touch the leaves that touch the sky, just you and I…. through fields of gold.  Our trouble slowly fades away, slowly slowly fades away.  I hold your hand inside mResized_HPIM5875y hand, across the land… through fields of gold…” 

I wanted to blog to honor the season and especially to thank the golden dandelions.  When I started doing the research, I found my mistake.  It turns out that “Fields of Gold” is quite a good Sting song and not at all the same as the one I was misremembering! That was actually Lenny Kravitz’s “Fields of Joy”.   Well, whatever, the memory is not always a reliable beast, I suppose.  But it is still an awesome song, and properly captures the mixture of peace and excitement I feel at this time of year.

So anyway, here is Fields of Joy for your listening pleasure – and some fabulous dandelion-filled fields for your viewing pleasure…. can’t compare to the real thing, of course.


May you get a chance to wander through such fields with the people who bring you joy. 

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