Monday, October 6, 2008

We really live here now

Life here in Besancon has been quite a...hmm... I am searching for the right word at this point - "adventure" sounds too positive and "trial" too negative. I think I will go with blunder....
France is different from America
That's right, no shock to you I suppose - but a bit of a shock to us... college educated (Phi Beta Kappa if you please) and all we thought we could navigate this without appearing like idiots too many times.
Boy were we wrong.
Blundering is the perfect word for what we have been doing.....
We plan to write these stories out later - this is only a tittillating preview...
The final volume in America - vomit, visas and vistas (NYC, Philly and DC)
The saga of the family cat (spoiler - she survives)
The quest to have heat (we survived many nights that dropped below 13 degrees (Celcius))
Trying to interpret - not French - but bus schedules (the propogandists want you to think they go anywhere you want to go, anytime- fact or fantasy?)
Do they really work a 35 hour week here? (not so far - only ab0ut 10)
Do the French believe in audience participation? (Andre' gives a talk at a conference)
What do kids do on Wednesdays when there is no school? (not sure yet)
Baguette, brioche and buerre (we don't know what a brioche is - but it starts with b and sounds yummy)
Are French rude and oversexed? (No on first, jury is out on second)
The Impossible Dream = Our shipment arriving from Philly
We are tired - did we mention jet lag sucks (for almost 2 weeks) and want to rest now but wanted to start this tonight.
Oh, we are all fine.
Missing all of you tons.
Us Dhondts


The Grauke-Collins Experience said...

So glad you're blogging! We did the same thing when we moved to Philly four years ago, and it's been a great way to keep family and friends in Texas up to date. Or to rant. Or both. LOVE the pictures -- more, please. And I look forward to hearing more about life abroad. A broad abroad?


Hana said...

Hey you guys and gals! Cloe says "That's Callie, I really miss her" We'll send her mail soon - promise! It's so great to see pictures and here of your blundering adventure!

Love to you all!
Hana & Cloe

HarvieFamily said...

Can't wait to read about all your experiences! We're putting together a box- expect it in the short short time of 7-11 days! I added an extra day for us to get it to the post office. Love, Jenae

Soplisist said...

I'm keen to hear about the blunders. You must, though, be secretly glad to be out of the USA, with our minor financial drama and strange election.

We want to come experience your blunders already!!



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