Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Living with only a FEW toys

Today Rebecca was feeling under the weather, so I attempted to let her sleep in. We quit "snuggle time" at 6:50 and I promised the kids that if they could get ready extra fast today I'd let them pick out a snack at the bakery... I had been unable to get my act together thus far this morning to run over there myself, but it's so close to Zander's school I thought we'd be able to squeeze it in with only 10 minutes extra. So I pulled out their clothes and the two older kids got themselves (and Griffin) dressed; meanwhile I sliced some apple for Callie and got out cereal for us all. Nonetheless, we were too slow, and as I was washing the dishes the kids started playing with these blocks, pictured here, and making so much noise it woke Rebecca. She came upstairs to walk the kids to school, since we were at least 10 minutes LATE. So much for trying to give her a morning off :(
The life-sized block-person is a rare Callie creation (she normally avoids blocks at home) and Zander is a judge with his gavel; this is a picture from the afternoon, and they're playing with the same toys as they were in the morning, and the day before that, and the day before that when we had company over, and the day before that.... is because besides a puzzle that's all the toys we have upstairs.

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