Monday, October 13, 2008

living without a car

...means lots and lots of walking. Today is the first morning, I think, that Griffin has made it all the way to his school without being carried at all. Rebecca and the kids make that ~2km walk 4 times a day! I'm now wearing sneakers to work because all this walking in my flat-soled single pair of work shoes has given me (or worsened a latent case of) plantar fasciitis. I haven't run now for 6 days, which is making me stir crazy, but even this morning when I got out of bed my left foot still hurts. So I'm taking the bus and wearing sneakers the next few days to see if that gets me better.

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Hi my boyfriend and I are thinking about living in either Besancon or Belfort (for his job at GE). I ran across your blog tonight while searching if we need a car. How do you like it without a car? Are there plenty of trains leaving the city for various weekend trips, etc? How do you like Besancon? Do many people speak English? I know very little French. If you have time, itd be great if you could email me but I understand if you do not. I am very nervous about this move... My email is


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