Monday, October 13, 2008

Living without a car....and yet another potty crisis!

This is a shot of Zander with Anouc - his new best friend - they came out of class today holding hands - so sweet!

Today I spent time fussing over blogginess - thanks to all of you who responded- I now understand the typical non-response for blogs (makes perfect sense) and will see this more as a journal that other people might read. Thanks to all that wrote!

Also, I should have made clear that if you were already a follower or wrote once - that was great - I was more wondering about the masses that we haven't yet heard from.

My morning was spent grocery shopping (without a car) - see before and after photos....

It is not too far to three different grocery stores - less than 1/2 mile - but unfortunately the one I chose today is down hill on the way there - and uphill back. Since I haven't yet managed to join a gym or yoga class, this is good for me, right?

It may be a good thing I haven't found a class yet b/c they are going to kick Griffin out of school. Not only is he incredibly difficult (often not participating in the class etc... - but in an uneven way - some days he rides bikes, plays and participates, others he sits in a corner for an hour) Regardless of this delight, he is still not 'propre'. He won't even sit on the potties at school and often won't even deign to enter the bathroom. When he messes (at least 2x per day) he then throws a holy fit as they try to change him. The assistant has flat out refused to change him any longer and his teacher can't as she has 20 kids to be in charge of. According to her, his only hope is to have a doctor decree that he is medically unable to be propre - then he can wear a pull-up to school. So, we have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow.

Aside - during the entire interview with his teacher (all in French, translated by André) Griffin was sitting soberly on Daddy's lap. After we left the school, we tried to talk to him a bit about it- he soon said (with a great amount of hope in his voice) "Do I ever have to go to school again?" We said (diplomatically) 'Oh, how would that make you feel?' His immediate answer "happy!" We then explained he was still going to school.

So, we are hoping for mental illness qualifying as a reason for being allowed to wear pullups. On the other hand, actually it shows how smart he is - he wants to be with Mommy so he's figured out the best way.

The real question is - can they really kick him out? We have heard many conflicting stories on this policy....

You may wonder, why keep him in? Well - having 2 hours per day (4 days per week) to myself keeps me sane and (as my french, well, SUCKS) it is the only way he is getting immersed in the language - a big part of the reason we are here.

Anyway - that's the crisis of the day....



Colette said...

I'm so glad Zander found a friend! what a cute photo.

It's overwhelming just READING what you are up to....can't imagine what it's all really like ....

thinking of you all often. hang in there. xo, Colette

Anonymous said...

I can't believe they could kick Griffin out of school. Its very understandable that since he is frustrated not understanding what is going on, that he act's out. If they give him a chance it will get easier. If they kick him out- the teachers are giving up! They should expect to change diapers- we are talking pre-school- its their job! Frustrated for you -Jenae

Esther said...

we are just thrilled to read your blog! Great that you are including pictures! Griffin sure has the staying-with-Mommy strategies worked out! Your blog is truly a way to live with you all through this tremendous transition "en famille"... sorry we've been remiss about posting so far, it's been a busy fall for us with weekends away, my yoga teacher training (completed!!), Brad's crazy semester, and kids having trouble getting into the school rhythm. Sending you much love from the Beloved Circle!
-Esther, Brad, Maya & Theo


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