Thursday, October 16, 2008

Rainy day

Hi all,

Today I am catching up on email and going back to the store to pick up some things I need for our pumpkin party which we are holding next Sunday (assuming I can find some pumpkins!)

Yesterday we painted some pumpkin invitations for the party and headed back to the swimming pool for a few hours - we stopped at the chocolatier on the way home for a treat - dessert here is varied plentiful and amazing.

Also our tutor came over and we planted some flower bulbs - the soil here is extremely hard and we broke a (borrowed) rake handle trying to chop it up - whoops! Hopefully we will be rewarded with some flowers in the spring.

Tonight we will go to get tetanus boosters - we need them to stay in the country!

Anyway this is a boring blog -but just wanted to check in.


I snapped this photo as we were headed to school this morning--but do you realize that out of the last 14 days it's probably been raining for 10 of them? Is it always like this here?

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The Grauke-Collins Experience said...

Today is cool and of those crisp fall days. The leaves are in full change-mode, and I've finally broken out our sweaters, although heavy coat weather is far off. I drove by your house a few days ago and it looked great, although it's missing the insane Halloween decorations that we could always count on y'all to put out.

Hope you get some dry days soon!

Catherine & crew


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