Wednesday, October 8, 2008

How does one choose a blog topic?

So much has happened - so little time.

I guess I will speak to something that consumes me on a daily basis.... the potty.

There are many things I bet you don't know about bathrooms in France. One is, the toilet is not in the same room as the shower (unless you are in a hotel, but I digress). Another is, public toilets are sometimes what we refer to as 'squatty potties' (thanks to Bruce and Jeanne for that handy name) -- you are blessed if you don't know what I am talking about.

But by far, the most important thing I learned about potties in France is that my third born, Griffin, has to be 'propre' in order to go to school. Well, actually, this isn't true. France, enlightened as it is, has dictated that all children over 3 have the right to free, universal preschool. However, they have also dictated that diapers are not allowed to grace the doors of the aforementioned institutions.

So what does that mean? 2 things

1.They are stuck with him

2. He pees or (lucky day) poops at least 2 times per day while at school. (Lucky for them he is only there 3 hours per day)

Why, you may wonder - did you not realize this before you came? Well, we thought it might be an issue - so we asked and were assured it didn't matter if he was trained. Another thing to learn about France, you get a different answer depending on who you ask, how you ask, and when you ask it - if they answer it at all.

So, back to Griffin's plight. He has been going to school for 3 weeks now and has yet to produce anything at school (at least nothing in the required place). How's he doing at home? Well, his record is 8 outfits in one day and his best day (actually today) was only 2!!! He is frank about why he does better at home - his pee pee is scared anyplace but home. Heck, so is mine half the time (especially when I see a squatty potty)- who can blame him?

Anyway, he now has (stained) big boy underwear - French underwear. (OK - I know you are all picturing something you shouldn't) It is different than in america. My undies are pretty straightfoward but my sons and husband have always had this nifty little hole in them for pee to come out without disrobing the entire pelvic area. I'm not sure if any male actually uses this hole - the men in my life certainly don't.... but let's face it - that hole is safe, it's comforting, it's the way boy's undies SHOULD be, by golly! And the French - well - they don't have it - they do have a strange pocket kind of thing behind the goods - but no outside access.... Can't believe this is the way Griffin will think undies should be.

That's all for tonight - love to all - Rebecca
P.S. yep, those ARE the same blocks!

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