Tuesday, January 27, 2009

when mommy and daddy have a cold at the same time

Yesterday my cold was draining my energy more and more, so I slept in 'til 5:45am today, but decided I should go for a run anyway. I only hit the road for 20 minutes, something of a tempo run, and came home exhausted. I called out sick from work and didn't walk the kids in to school. Slept until around 10am, then tried to read my e-mail. Gave up and watched an episode of Lost with Rebecca, then she headed out again to get the kids for lunch. They came home with these great crowns:

Yesterday they made gallettes at school. Today they had a party to eat them. These gallettes are pies baked at this time of year throughout France (I think they're related to advent). Each gallete has a feve hidden inside (ceramic icon from the creche)... and the child who finds the feve at this party got to pick a friend to accompany them in the festivities... so Evan (now King Evan) dubbed Callie Queen! She was so excited and proud that he had picked her over all the other girls in the class. Camille also wanted to pick Callie, but they said a queen can't name another queen. We haven't met any kids with two mommies or two daddies around here, so I guess this is no Mt Airy, Philadelphia!

Now I'm ready for a nap, and so is Rebecca, but we've got one little munchkin who has plenty of energy! So I played cars with him a while, now Rebecca is taking her turn. Nap time!

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