Thursday, January 15, 2009

low low low

You know that REM song - "low low low, low low low"? Some lyrics are something like: "is this the part about - low? it seems so shallow....low"?

Maybe that word is supposed to be Love not low.?.. but the last few days "low" has been echoing in my brain.

Here I am - Griffin in school all morning (even though he never once has come home dry yet)- a life of renewed freedom. Last week was playing catch up from vacation but this week, this week will be the start of my new life! This week I will work on French, catch up on my housework, find a yoga class and meet with a new friend. No more excuses for feeling so stuck.

Not so fast sister! Unfortunately, this has turned out to be a trapped in the house week - Claire has been ill and I've been taking care of her for Nadine and Olivier. Since we owe them, like, everything... this is not a big deal (especially since taking care of Claire basically has consisted of putting her in front of the television for about 8 hours per day with occasional medicine, tissues and juice boxes). I would do this for anyone who needs it, really, since I would want someone to do it for me. I guess it is just a bit frustrating since it has meant I am stuck inside all day everyday (except when I go to pick up kids at school for lunch and at the end of the day - yes I leave Claire alone while I do that - which worries me but her parents say it is OK, so whatever).

Why, when one is stuck inside, does one not do all those things one needs to do (like clean the fridge out, scrub the floors, prepare for Callie's birthday party or reorganize the kids clothes etc....)? Well - I did do some of those things on Monday (thank you notes are finally on the way)- but then my energy just ran out.... Why? I don't really know.

I have been playing 'try to meet with the American I met on the street in Besançon' for over one month now. We were supposed to meet up before Christmas and then I had to go to the Prefecture that day - we rescheduled for this week - and now I have Claire. I invited them over to watch the inauguration - but then found out that it is at 5:30pm our time - when most people are at work or just barely home - so they all want to just go home to watch it on TV. Maybe the 31st will work out as the next chance - basketball game followed by dinner out - dinner starting at 10pm - sounds like a late night but for a chance to meet some English speakers I'll prop my eyes open.

Speaking of staying up late, André is going to Paris tonight for a meeting - that should be fun. But he is NOT looking foward to it since it is scheduled not to end until 2am - urgh! Typically French, but way past our regular bedtime. Plus, unlike me, the prospect of networking all night (that is talking a lot to other professionals) is not so appealing. He does it because it is important, but he'd much rather be typing away on some screen. Me, I love networking or any opportunity to chat. This will be the first night we have spent apart since coming here - I think. Hey, can't anyone come on over here and babysit for the night so I can go with him?

Anyway, I miss home, and having friends.

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