Monday, January 5, 2009

We are in the ALPS!

Sunday...We all slept in a bit this morning and then opened our Utah Christmas presents - fun activities for the kids (especially cool was a kit to knit a cap for Zander, he started on it right away and has done about 8 rows so far) and cans of hot chocolate - yum! Then headed out to hit the slopes (with our sleds, which were strapped to the roof our car the whole way, except when they were falling off and we had to pull over to re-secure them....) Hey look! There are giant mountains all around - last night it was so dark we could only sense their prescence - now we can see them!!! Snow is everywhere and it is cold - really cold. - 13 celcius... But our snow equipment keeps us pretty warm. Of course, it takes almost an hour to get the three munchkins bundled to a (worried about Alpine cold) mom's satisfaction - and they they are dressed to the hilt and André and I are still in our pajamas. Nice to have a visitor! Uncle Mark plays with the kids a few minutes outside and buries both Callie and Zander up to their necks! That's one way to stay warm in the snow....

We leave the house at around 10 am and don't find a satisfactory slope to sled down for 2 hours... We thought there was a lift to one, and various locals said there was too - we got lost a bit, and needed to go back for warmer socks and drinks and finally got to a hill where they allowed sledding, but there was no lift there....ugh! So we tried another random hill, but the snow wasn't packed and we basically all just floundered around in it. Spirits were pretty high the entire time, although poor Griffin had a hard time keeping his gloves on. Finally we found the hill we wanted and spent about an hour sliding up and down. The snow is hard and very fast! Only Callie had a big wipe out! Then we headed home for lunch and the kids watched a movie (Ice Age - how appropriate) and did some of our new exciting crafts.

Later we headed for town - they had a little festival with music and free hot chocolate - we spent some time wandering around and had dinner... Mark was suprised his calzone had a sunny side up runny egg concealed inside - tres francais! Headed home and put the kids in bed, spent some time planning the rest of the week...we got some money from family so we are hoping to be able to dog sled!!!

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