Thursday, May 6, 2010

On the road again….


We sHPIM6024aw lots of random cool things on our Sunday drive that had nothing to do with where we stopped. 

We drove down an amazing tree-lined road for about 20 minutes…

I loved the colors and lighting on this gorgeous house at left.

Sometimes I wish I could just knock on random doors.

We saw a few interesting churches on the way – the first is called Saint Just and I don’t know the names of the others.  I shot the second because of the typical Franch comtoise roof of amazingly beautiful tiles, and the second because it appeared as if the siding on it (though quite old) was made of metal. Also, very unusual for France, it was kind of falling apart!

HPIM6029 HPIM6061Resized_DSC04347Resized_DSC04347Resized_DSC04350

And, of course, there were the views of the misty mountains and cliffs we were passing all the drizzly long day and the smell of the lilacs that we pulled over to pick as we went home for dinner and our beds.

Resized_DSC04390 Resized_DSC04319 Resized_HPIM6207

And these are the days of our lives…..

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