Tuesday, May 4, 2010

La Gorge de Langouette

On Sunday, wResized_HPIM6032e decided to go on an adventure.  We packed a lunch and left around 10am.  We were headed for a new waterfall we heard of from our tutor, Kelly.  We got totally lost on the way there and it ended up taking over 2 hours, but the end result was worth every minute of driving.

We were immediately rewarded by the sight of the La Seine river running through a deep gorge. Signs posted around claimed this was the land of the fairies, and entering the fresh green woods, I was inclined to agree.

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It was a bit rainy but the trail was well maintained and easy to follow.  The final waterfall was amazing and Callie found the enchanted tree where the fairies (and some friendly snail neighbors) make their home.

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We walked past the falls, seeing some great wildflowers and a bit of the outskirts of town.

Resized_HPIM6049 Resized_HPIM6052 Resized_HPIM6056 Resized_DSC04339

We have seen so many waterfalls….they are so life giving – I’m not quite sure why – but they always make me happy.

Waterfall – by Goeffrey Schmidt

Drops and drops of rain descending

With a million million joining

‘till a mighty river flowing

Yields to gravity in falling

Cascading in majestic white

Immense in power beauty of sight

With rainbow mist because of light

Refracting rays for our delight

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Anonymous said...

Wow...it's amazing! I've lived in that region for almost 35 years, and I had never of that part of it before! But I definitely want to go there now!!!

Adeline (who lost her password!!!)


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