Tuesday, May 4, 2010

FROGS! YES, FROGS at Chez La Marie


André and I had a date one night.  The early spring, according to real French Comtois citizens, is the only time to try frogs.  The fact of the matter is, the rest of the year they are FROZEN.  (Yuck…) So, having a date night seemed like the perfect opportunity to try them.  We asked around but couldn’t find anyone who knew a local place.  I ended up researching it on the internet.   I was a bit worried but the reviews were good and it was only a half an hour outside Besancon.  We got there early and did a bit of exploring, ending up driving down this dirt road.  We even saw a hedgehog.

Then it was time for dinner – it was the best meal I’ve had in France and it wasn’t even that expensive.  The total for us was 43 Euros – and that included appetizer (snails for me, mushrooms in sauce for André), main course (20 teeny frogs for me, a whole trout for André) and dessert (Strawberry Melba for me and red fruit mousse pie for André.

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I would love to return someday. The place was called Chez La Marie and it is located at 25807 Cussey-Sur-L’Ognon. Telephone is 03 81 57 78 32.  If you are ever in the area – check it out!

PS – The morning after this super meal, André finally made it up over the local mountain named La Dame Blanche – it was the third time he had tried!  Must have been the mushrooms….

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