Friday, January 1, 2010



You know your kids are sick when they don’t wake you up until 7am on Christmas morning!!!

We had a great morning though – the kids each got their big ‘wishes’ from Santa.  Griffin a circus,  Callie a Pet Shop House and  Zander some walkie talkies and working lights for his bike.  They also got tons of other gifts from family and friends.  The drums from Grammie and Grandpa were for Callie – but everyone loves them.  I was a bit concerned about this particular gift – but it actually isn’t that loud…

Photos follow…

Resized_HPIM3969 Resized_HPIM3975 Resized_HPIM3978 Resized_HPIM3993 Resized_HPIM3997

The coolest thing, though, may have been Zander’s gift to Callie (bought at the Tout a 1Euro sale) – a giant carnival prize sized stuffie (known here as doudou).  Her name is Tutu – and she fits (somehow) on Callie’s bed.

Resized_HPIM3985  Resized_HPIM3987  Resized_HPIM3988

After the opening, we ate some candy and took a 2 hour nap.  We stayed in pj’s all day and played games with the kids.  Taco’s for dinner since I didn’t feel up to cooking the goose.  Ended the day with watching Curious George on DVD.

Low key, and lonely, but also, in its way, lovely.

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