Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Zander – pretend writing…

Zander wet  to the hurd way store and he bat a bot and a sumarin and a plan and a tran and a halhlakoptr and I

pet thum to gathr in to wun peec!

This translates to:

Zander went to the hardware store and he bought a boat and a submarine and a plane and a train and helicopter and I put them together into one piece.



Resized_HPIM3892 Resized_HPIM3896

This is what it made.  This is made because I want to be able to fly, go fast on a train, boat and drive on a road without changing my vehicle.  I know this is Legos.  This is my imagination – this is what I would do if I was big – and if I had enough money of course!

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