Friday, November 27, 2009


OK – I am really behind on blogging with all the vacation stuff – and the fact that I have a life to live often gets in the way as well.  And I think my muse has departed lately.  So like Zander - here is a blog filled with shots left over from October I just can’t pass up posting – but I’m going to attempt to comment very, very little on them, one line only!!


1. These are cats snuggled up in our backyard – we have a whole pride oResized_HPIM2866f cats in our neighborhood, and they love to hang out at our house.  Simone (our cat) likes to caterwaul at them through the windows and screens

2. Callie and me – playing with camera…. blue eyes!




3–4 – what our kitchen goes through to Resized_HPIM2898get pumpkin curry soup in France  – and then mysteriously it  came out horrible – a first in about 12 years -  and sooooo sad!!!

5. Daddie and Zander playing dominos




Resized_HPIM28796-7. Griffin – master of the training wheels.Resized_HPIM2885

8.  All my kids on their bikes on the place – they go out and ride together now for about an hour or more at a time – absolute bliss for mommie!  Plus it is actually good for them.

  Resized_HPIM2900 Resized_HPIM2901Resized_HPIM2904

9-10 – Fresh produce we buy from local little farms – a kilo bag  of fresh walnuts 1 Euro.  4 kilos of apples – 2 Euros.  Bliss!

11.  What Griffin looked like after a recent birthday party.  None of the other kids would hold still enough….

Resized_HPIM2902 Resized_HPIM2903

12-13 – Recent fountain sculpture created by ZandeResized_HPIM2897r in honor of Grammie’s birthday.  

14.  This is how you spell Rebecca in Algerian and Cambodian (I think).  Courtesy of my international classmates in my learning French class – I think I have a hard time – at least the alphabet is the same!

 Resized_HPIM2939 Resized_HPIM2941 HPIM2935



15-18-Kids in giant tree – plus fall is here!





18-22 Series of pathetic attempts to make ultracool “Paix de Terre” (i.e. French for Peace on Earth) photo for our Holiday greeting this year.  Definitely needs more work….

Closing with 3 new you tube uploads – Griffin and Zander on bikes, plus a bit of domino action… Enjoy!


RMD said...

Super-cute! What is that thing next to the faucet? Happy day after Thanksgiving you guys!

Rebecca said...

The photo next to the faucet is my name in 2 other languages - and the sculpture under the faucet is a tree - handmade by Zander.... is that your question? Happy Thanksgiving to you too!


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