Sunday, April 26, 2009

Zander Blog 4


This is my room that it was the day before la vacance. Like in America you barely ever have vacances, but not here.  See the soldiers that are on the radiator? They were in front of the door, there were soldiers, on the dresser there were soldiers also on the ladder there were soldiers and on my special place there were soldiers.  I have 168 soldiers.  They were guarding my room so no bad guys could get me or my sister or my brother.mini_DSC07596

My Mama was at a mountain river that I had to walk through but this time I did not have to walk through.  But if we hadn’t have walked through it we would have been fine of not crossing the river twice in a row!  [Per Zander’s request, the followeing is NOT part of Zander’s blog but he said: “Sometime I’d like to come there again and drive our bikes over the stream.  That would be real fun, wouldn’t it?  All we would have to do is go faster, faster, faster, faster pshhhhh and keep going mini_DSC07633on right through it.”]

I don’t know what this is but I took this picture because I thought it was strange.  It says VTT FFC (Vay Tay Tay Fic ‘97).  I think it’s a kind of a bike.


This is a fountain that I think used to be for a bath in the olden days – so I took a picture of it because I thought it was cool.  I’ve been wanting to blog more and I’ve been taking pictures forgetting I have so much left. I love seeing all this kind of stuff – it’s hard to take a picture of it as we were driving.

Here is a story about this day…

How we got stuck in the mud.

Well, we were driving along trying to find some roman ruins chateau and when we got on the road – we started to drive but once we got a couple inches the tires went bzzzzzzzzzzrt.  Dad was like, “Uh Oh, We are stuck! This is too muddy!”  So we started pushing up the car so we could get it up the hill so we would be able to go but I wanted to still see the chateau and I said “We could just walk down the mountain!”  But we didn’t and we left.

mini_DSC07658Well, the other day I was playing with Callie trying to draw her and she kept moving – Griffin was much better at staying still. I don’t know why Griffin could stay still – Callie hamini_DSC07664s more practice and so do I! But Griffin is the best at staying still.  So, she got mad at me for the pictures and I took this picture.

This is a flower that Griffin made  - he gave it to Grandma for coming here – the thing around the flower part is actually for  protectioning the flower.

mini_DSC07679This is our yardie thing for the whole place to play in.  Which it’s made for all, like the people to play in so, everyday – kids that live like on the top floors will come out there.  it’s like, their yard, not our yard. 

mini_DSC07680 This is a ramp that Griffin every day is rolling down to play car.  It’s made for 2 year olds but he is 4 – but he still likes to ride it and every day he goes down and he gets like, scratched, all over himself. 

mini_DSC07681 This the pirates dock.  You know how it’s not all wooden, like strong made – it’s like a rope bridge.  So you can move it so the train can drive right past!

mini_DSC07689This is Mama doing some laundry to sell for the yard sale so she can get some money.  So we can go home someday to America.  AND so we can go to Paris.  And have fun!

mini_DSC07692 This is my garden – and I have been watering it all the days – but today it is getting watering by the rain I am watching it.  I planted a couple cantaloupes and 3 beanstalks – Like that legend, the giant beanstalk.  If a giant beanstalk grew here, I would be really rich, I think.  I would climb up on it and I didn’t put them in, I dropped them in.

mini_DSC07743 This is me and Livi in a picture, that I took a picture of, and I’m going to take a picture of that, and take a picture of that and non stop, just keep on taking pictures of pictures.

mini_DSC07748 This is my whole family eating our first dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Peterson in France.  And we are eating pretend pudding – because they don’t sell it real in the stores.  Grandma and Grandpa are here to visit us so we can have funning.  And they are going to PARIS with us on the bullet train in two more days.  We are going to go to Disneyworld and the skeleton house where every old French person that’s dead just gets thrown in there.


This is my dad telling Grandma and Grandpa Peterson what hills are what. This is the chateau that mom is gonna sell our clothes and you can buy stuff here.  But I’m wondering how does she get her money?  There is one place only to get your money. 

mini_DSC07805 We went to the Citadel – and you know how there’s these things that blind people read – this is one of those. Which you can read what it is and you can read sign language.  I don’t know what is better..  maybe one day I’ll be blind and I’ll only be able to speak English – but I don’t really know.

Friends and family – I miss you!


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