Sunday, April 26, 2009

Zander Blog 3 Legos!!!!

mini_DSC07737This is all my Legos that I’ve made in my new life in France.  I’m thinking of taking pictures of them – since I won’t be able to bring them back to America.  How will we bring them home without breaking?  I don’t know that.  So this is some of my favorites – helicopter bank, police car gun, and the police maze. 

mini_DSC07707 mini_DSC07705This is my maze to the police house and there is a very small zombie that guards it.  Also, if the zombies need to go out, there is a little car with all these beds – it scares all the bad guys that try to get in this place.  There is a chair in the maze that brings you over to the zombie – if you are not a police, it will scare you because this chair is made with a spring and if you sit on it you will get sprang right out of the chair cause the zombie has a teensy button to make the spring bounce.  So, be careful!  You can not break into this police house – I still have to make the house.

mini_DSC07699 This is a bank that has fake grass and there is a helicopter on the top so, if any bad guys try to get there you will not be able to manage.  These steps are leaning under the roof – you see that little thing with the hole in the middle? Underneath it is like an attic where little Lego people can shoot out and boaters can drop down.mini_DSC07709

This is a sand slider that can slide on the sand and my dad helped me make it – he made some of it and then I added too much so it’s not his. That happens with a lot of the stuff – barely nothing is his anymore that he makes, it’s all mine.

mini_DSC07712 This is a little police penguin and it has guns on it.  The blue building with the diamond on top is the police station

mini_DSC07713 This is a plane for polices – and you see at the end of the plane it is actually a machine bird that is carrying 3 police with some money – and it is to protect the city. 

mini_DSC07719 This is a Pet Shop thing that I made for Callie because she wanted to play Lego's but she had her Pet Shop’s already out.  So I made this Pet Shop bus for her Pet Shop’s because there wasn’t a Pet Shop bus and she wanted a Pet Shop bus. Didn’t I say Pet Shop, like, so many times?

mini_DSC07720 This is a police car that I made all by myself so there are millions of guns you can notice.  There is a man on top who is in armor – he like, kills any bad guys and makes them go away.  And there is another police inside the big car and he drives it around but he has only his gun – but he can’t make the machine work – only the person in armor can.

mini_DSC07729 This is a police plane to bring lots of polices over the ocean.  It is made to be very strong but it carries more guns and weapons than polices.  You know how they have clothing and equipment and guns and stuff like that?  So it carries all that stuff and that’s why it has more room for luggage than people.

This is just some of my Lego’s.  I love you.

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