Sunday, February 7, 2010

Rebecca’s Birthday Party

mini_P090110_18.39Did we mention recently that Rebecca and I have a babysitter, so we get to go out on dates every week mini_P090110_18.40or so?  Recently a couple people have mentioned how great our babysitter is—he stopped by to watch a colleague’s friend, and the colleague mentioned how he was fun-loving, playful, gentle, and had an instant and great connection with the kids.  Then I was picking up bread the other day from Mic-Mac (our corner store) and the guy there mentioned he met Augustin too—that he thought he was so friendly and great—that they’d met when Augustin stopped by to buy candy for our kids… how sweet ;)  Anyway, I found these two shots on my camera from a date we had, it’s the fountain in centre ville, still running in January.

Griffin and Mommie stopped by the office one day to drop off some paperwork for me—and Mr. G wanted to remember this rock garden set up in the lobby.  Also pictured here is the kids’ new fish tank.  The fish are named Griffin Survivor Gargiulo Dhondt, Fudge Gargiulo Dhondt, and Tootsie Gargiulo Dhondt.  Thanks, Aunt Tina, for the money to buy the fish—the kids each chose to pool the money together and to take care of the fish together.

mini_P070110_12.08  mini_HPIM4566

Well, Friday was the most normal day we had while Mommie was in America.  We got to school on time, everybody was healthy, and it was raining gently.  For fun after work we went to eat out at McDonald’s, so I could read while the kids played in the playground… it was nice to have a relaxing evening.

Saturday I wanted to go on an adventure to see the frozen-over bassins du Doubs, so we hopped in the car and were pleased to see snow cover as soon as we climbed to the first plateau.  Zander tried to take pictures, but not much turned out until the 3rd plateau.

mini_HPIM4588   mini_P060210_16.15

We drove as close to the Saute du Doubs as we could, and climbed out to play.  Initially the kids were happy playing on the snow-plow pile at the end of the parking lot—they made little slides.

mini_HPIM4590b   mini_HPIM4592

We couldn’t get down to the ice over the water,

 mini_HPIM4595 mini_HPIM4597

but we still had a great time in the snow; we found lots of deer and chamois tracks, and even saw a few chamois.


Griffin got cold and was happy we’d brought our Swiss hot chocolate. mini_HPIM4598 mini_P060210_15.43

Later that afternoon we picked up Mommie—who came home a day early!  To celebrate we opened presents.

mini_P060210_19.36 mini_P060210_19.3101

Sunday we did homework, went for a walk in the forest,  and had birthday “cake”—I made crème  brulée.


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