Thursday, February 25, 2010



I am going to try to chronicle our great German adventure, but mostly with phHPIM4601otos.

We left Besancon and the first city we stopped in was Karlsruhe.

On the streets of Germany there are cigarette machines – but you have to have an ID you can swipe to get the cigarettes out.  Pretty neat, huh?

I really loved the statue shown right…

It was snowing so we headed straight for the castle and spent an hour or so going through their wonderful interactive museum.  Zander especially loved it.

HPIM4603Resized_HPIM4607Resized_HPIM4611 Resized_HPIM4612

We had lunch at a local pub and I tried Gebratene Maultaschen: kind of like Tortellini, but much larger filled with some sort of strange cheese and green vegetable mix – it was also, fried with onions.  Yummy – but super strange!

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