Monday, May 11, 2009

Zander Blog 6 – Montfaucon

This is a blog cause of things I saw on the way to the Montfaucon….

mini_DSC08245 mini_DSC08251

This is some kind of drain that I didn’t figure out until I got to the next drain – you see that little thing that shoots out a little bit of black? On the other side of the road there is a tunnel and it shoots out water. So it’s kind of like a gutter to keep the road dry.



This is something that I think cows would drink out of and Dada thinks that it’s for cleaning your clothes and Mom thinks it’s for bringing water for your field and Callie thinks it’s to have an outside bath and Griffin thinks its for if it flooded.   Behind the little metal bars you can see the water – but it is really dirty. 





mini_DSC08252 This is me taking a picture of them near a cow farm – you see, Callie is running over since she doesn’t want to be in the picture – so she kind of ruins the picture.


This is a tower that mom thought was like an electricity tower in the middle of the woods.  There were no wires going to it or anything like that.  All you would have to do to make it back into an electricity tower would be to put a tower back on it, and the wires back on it and clean the tower and then you would be finished.


This is some cows that I took a picture of that some of them havemini_DSC08313 bells and some of them don’t and some of them had little rings in their nose that went right in-between their nostrils. It was kind of like a ring that they cut on the bottom and they stuck it in their nose.   We wonder why they do that?

This is a doorway to a house – which Callie was only as tall as it.


This is the grate that’s covering the dungeon in the castle Montfaucon.  And Daddie said you can’t go in it you can only look in it – and I said why can’t you go in it?  I looked in there and there was nothing but beds.  I think it might have been someone's house that is real poor.  It’s better than nothing. It’s better than outside, sitting on the road, or sleeping in a tent.  It would be real easy to get killed in there, though, cause it might cave in or something. 

This is a view of Besancon from Montfaucon  – I couldn’t take a big enough picture for the whole view so I have a couple views of this. I get frustrated sometimes because where ever we go the view changes – there is always a different view to see and I can’t remember them but I like to see the view.mini_DSC08309mini_DSC08289mini_DSC08305

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Hello Zander,
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