Saturday, May 16, 2009

Homeward Bound

Oh, I wish I was…. 6 more weeks to go!

A shortish blog to describe our visit schedule for the USA. 

We will be updating this as plans develop and hope to see as many of you as possible.  PLEASE let me know if you want to see us and when you might be available, especially if you have limited availability.

Sun, June 28th – Kids and I arrive in the Philadelphia airport

Sun, June 28th –  Friday, July 3rd (am) Delaware with Grammie and Grandpa

Plans are to snuggle, hug and cuddle and generally get over horrible jet lag!

Friday July 3- Tues, July 7 – Philadelphia.

Plans are to hang out with friends.  We DEFINITELY plan on going to the Watertower 4th of July celebration but other days are flexible.  We would love to do Wissahickon hikes, Beachcombers, fireworks, water ice, Smith Playhouse, playdates with friends, thrifting, storing up on gluten free goodies to bring back to France, etc…

Tues, July 7- Fri, July 10 – Back in Delaware with Grammie and Grandpa

Plans are to have fun – treehouse building for sure!

Fri, July 10- Mon, July 13 – Camping with Aunt Melodie

Plans are to go rafting on the Lehigh river, hang out with Aunt Melodie, Go for a walk or two….

Mon, July 13- Wed, July 15 – This is up in the air – we may go back to Grammie and Grandpa, we may go up to Strasburg for a few days and hit Dutch Wonderland and the railroad if someone is into doing that with us we would be totally psyched! Or maybe a day at Clementon Park?  Anyone, anyone, anyone, Buehler???

Wed July 15- Sat, July 18 (or we might leave Fri night) – Long Island with Aunt Jennie, Uncle Jeff, Lina and Livi

Plans – play with cousins!  Go to the beach and ???

Sat, July 18 – André arrives at JFK – takes bus or train to Bloomfield.

Sat July 18- Mon, July 20 – Bloomfield with Aunt Tina, Uncle Peter and Ayla

Plans – hike and hang out

Mon, July 20- Thurs 23 (am) – Middleton MD with FriendDeb, FriendDave and new little FriendAlliPat

Plans – hang out???  Maybe Smithsonian or something???

Thurs, July 23 – Sun, July 26 – Philadelphia

Plans – Day with Hez, JULY 25 – MARK CALANDAR – Circle Party to see friends and hang out!  From about 2-5 I’m thinking, followed by dinner at the good ‘ole Trolley Car Diner at around 5:30…  Please come!  I think I’m actually going to try to do evites for this or something

Sun, July 26- Wed, July 29 – Back in Duckhaven with Grammie and Grandpa

Plans – cry – pack up to go back to France

Wed, July 29th – Fly out of Philadelphia into London

Plans – stay with old high school bud Katrina and laugh in the face of jet lag while visiting London and Stonehenge

Sun, Aug 2nd – back in Besancon….


Marie said...

You'll be busy during your holidays in US!
I hope we will see you before living...just for a big hug!
I think very often about you and we should find time to see you soon. Will you be available on the 30th 31st of may? Just having good time in Fournets Luisans, biking, hiking, picnic or whatever?
Let me know...

Jenae said...

Sounds really busy to pack in all that fun! Hope it comes soon and you can make it last! xoxo


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