Monday, August 2, 2010

Callie gets a hair cut

July 8, 2010

OK – this might not seem blogworthy – but, fact is, Callie has NEVER gotten a hair cut in her long 7 and a half years of life.  (Unless you count the time that Zander chopped off her pigtail when she was about 2 years old).  There had been several moments, in the past couple of years, when she said she wanted to cut it – and I always said it would be fine, if she still felt that way in a week, we would do it.  Every other time she changed her mind- but this time she was ready.

Here is before….

HPIM7339  HPIM7345 HPIM7340


HPIM7351 HPIM7352 HPIM7353

And after!  She is a whole new woman…. This is going to take some getting used to… Oh, btw, I got my hair cut too – and I haven’t gotten it cut since before Griffin was born – so maybe about 6 years???  There is a before shot – but no after….

HPIM7356 HPIM7349

She LOVES her new do – and I am starting to accept it.  Goodbye long Goldilocks!  I will miss you….

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Deb Tross said...

aww- she looks so cute with her new look!


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