Thursday, December 17, 2009

Zander – SUPERSTAR!!

Well, I went a bit early to pick up Zander at theatre class yesterday and was amazed to see him perform a major role in the little play they put on.  It is a bit long, at 7 minutes, but he is a major player in the first 2, if you don’t have time.  OK, yes, it is all in French, but here he is:

I am so proud!!!!!


regis_desgroppes said...

Wow! Zander now speaks French as a native and he seems so comfortable playing his role!
Marie says she's also proud of him.
Régis and his family now "blundering in Berlin".

Shana said...

Wow!!! Zander, you were fantastic! I can't wait to show this video to Baz, Ayla and Isa, they will be amazed.

Jenae said...

My kids were amazed that he chatters away in French! Great job Zander! (not that I understood it:)


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