Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Our crazy vacation

Here it is past 1am in France and I am still up - because I am finalizing our itinerary for our next fabulous vacation.... kudos to André who is also up - he is my navigator - and, since Ireland can't be seen by satelite or easily recognized by Google Maps - he really had his work cut out for him this time!

I am putting it the abbreviated version below - so you can imagine the 5 of us traveling across this beautiful globe we live on!

Friday 23
Leave Besancon before lunch
Dinner in Orleans and
Head for the gite in Pommeray
Saturday 24
Mont St Michel first thing
Lunch of agneau pre-sale
Cherbourg for ferry
Sunday 25 IRELAND
Off boat to Courtown and Wicklow B and B - sleep
Mon 26
Walk in forest Glendalough
Dublin for lunch
Pick up camper/drop off Mr Liberty/pick up groceries
Around 6pm head for Cashel find a good place to sleep (kildare?)
Tuesday 27
Attempt to be at Cashel by 9am -opening!
9-11 visit cashel
Drive towards Dingle (3 hours)
2pm - Dingle for the afternoon
sleep in Dingle
Wednesday 28
Spend day in Dingle - Blasket Island?
End in Tralee - pump poop?
Thursday 29
See church and tower in Tralee
Drive through the Burren towards the Cliffs of Mohr
Hike around the cliffs!
Sleep in Galway/Athenry?
Friday 30
Visit Athenry
mines and Galway
End in Mullinger
Saturday (sleep in) 31
Go to NewGrange
Then back to Athboy for Halloween Celebration
Party with bonfires
Sunday (sleep in) 1
Get Mr. Liberty
Return camper bus
Drive to ferry - on ferry by 5pm
Arrive in Cherbourg
Drive to chateau B and B - La Voute
Tues 3
Visit Chateau Chenonceau,
Chateau Guedelon
and Vezeley
Home to Besancon

At 12 days and so many locations, this is our biggest and most complicated adventure yet - the amount of planning absolutely blows my mind - and I'm sure reality will not match our (as usual) overly ambitious goals, but, I'm sure it will all be worth it.

Hope you are looking foward to blogs galore about all this.

May the weather be untypically glorious!

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Jenae said...

Sounds like a fun trip you have planned. I didn't plan ahead and get your recipe for soup in a pumpkin. Guess we'll see how it goes since you are gone...


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