Friday, August 7, 2009

5. Duckhaven aka spoiled heaven….

mini_HPIM1643 mini_HPIM1662 HPIM1690

mini_HPIM1623Well, we spent Tuesday through Thursday back in Duckhaven. We had a mini_HPIM1629great time with Grammie and Grandpa. Grandpa spent lots of timmini_HPIM1627e reading to the kids – they are starting to get old enough for some of the amazing books he has on mythological creatures mini_HPIM1630(maybe seeing so many sculptures of them all over Europe helped pique their curiosity). Here he is snuggling Callie – so great! We spent lots of time looking at Hearnes Pond out the window and loved seeing so many birds! The kids and I went swimming at the clumini_HPIM1628b while Grandpa chatted with friends. Callie and Zander can swim all the way acromini_HPIM1644ss the pool on their backs. Poor Grandpa, his poison ivy is still really bad…so he couldn’t swim. Grammie, Callie and I took this shot of our invincible bracelets – still together after 9 months apart. Since Callie has grown so much, her bracelet is getting too tight and may need to be removed soon, so we decided to make a second, insurance bracelet of the same color beads, just a bit larger. We’ll see how long they last! One morning I went to the Walmart (aka the evil empire but the options are limited in lower slower DE) to get some supplies to bring back to France. Top needed items included chocolate chips, popcorn and baking powder. Griffin had his turn to sleep out in the playhouse with Grammie – shots below of this….

mini_HPIM1631 mini_HPIM1633 mini_HPIM1635 mini_HPIM1636

Of course, there was much, much more. We appreciated Magnolia blossoms, did lots of crafts, watched some TV and snuggled, of course. Culinary highlight was definitely the “Grandpa meat” from the barbeque – amazing! We also had a great time on Linda’s pontoon boat one evening. She is a neighbor of Grammie and Grandpa and really enjoyed taking the kids out for a ride. Here are lots of other shots – too good not to post.

mini_HPIM1650 mini_HPIM1663 mini_HPIM1653

mini_HPIM1656mini_HPIM1657 mini_HPIM1667


Last but not least, I include this video of Callie and her Grammie. It makes me cry to see it – there is so much love there! I wish I had gotten one for each of them…. enjoy!

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