Friday, March 27, 2009

In like a lamb and out like a lion

That’s March in Besancon.

The weather has been absolutely disgusting this week. It has been very cold – forget about putting those winter jackets in storage.  It has been rainy (OK, that’s normal for Besancon) and the wind has been unbearable. The kind of wind that kicks dirt up into your eyes and makes you bend over to walk kind of hunched.  The kind of wind that, when you are 3, threatens to blow you away. Tiens la main! (Hold my hand) shrieks poor mini_DSC00691Griffin.

And, one fine Tuesday, walking to pick up the kids before lunch, it HAILED!  I don’t think I’ve ever been caught in a hail storm before.  I’m sure you won’t be surprised to learn that it isn’t very fun.  I was walking innocently along when the sky opened up and I started getting pelted with little, pebble sized ice balls.  I ran over to the school, worrying about how I was going to get the kids to walk out of the building!  Luckily, just then, it stopped and the sun, for the first (and last) time this week, started to shine.  As you can see, the amount that got dumped from the sky in about 10 minutes was incredible.  It all melted in about 10 more minutes.

Exercise is looking up this week.  I enjoyed my yoga class on Tuesday (we even stood up) and they have fixed the road so I can go back to horseback riding next week.   I stopped in to sign up and was handed an (incorrect) bill.  I thought I was supposed to get a discount as a new student but when I tried to explain this, the secretary got pissed off and eventually just stormed away.  So, obviously, my French is still not up to par (or maybe she was just a bitch).  I am definitely making some progress though. I NEVER would have even walked into the horseback place without Amini_DSC00694ndré at my side a few months ago.  I have been talking with people more in French as well – one of my biggest problems is that  I think I’m saying one thing – and I’m saying something completely different.  The other morning, I gave Zander a note to give to his friend, Julia.  When I saw Julia come out of school around lunch I asked her if she had gotten the note – she looked a bit confused so I said Ca va? (OK) – and she said yes.  I then said, give it to your mom, OK?  She said yes again. Well, I was busy congratulating myself when Zander came out and told me he couldn’t find the note and needed another one.  What?  How is that possible?  I just asked Julia and she said you gave it to her.  Here Callie jumps in – well, actually mom, what you said was WHEN Zander gives you the note, give it to your mom – not DID Zander give you a note.  Oh, shoot! Zander is going to Julia’s birthday party tomorrow –here is the picture he drew for her (he also made her 2 cards and some other crafts – he’s got so much love to give – and not enough peoplemini_DSC00695 to give it to.

Griffin has really been enjoying playing with his cars lately.  He likes to line them all up on the carpet in different and ever more elaborate designs.  He gets very upset if anyone messes with his designs. Here he is taking a shot with his camera of this special arrangement. He is definitely going through a ‘power struggle’ phase right now. He is having lots of tantrums, sometimes in public places and just plain wants his way.   Today it was that he wanted to eject Callie from her window seat on the bus.   Were there other window seats? Yes – but he wanted this one and ONLY this one. I felt bad for the other passengers – luckily it was a short ride.  I used to be able to reason with him, trick him or force him to do what I wanted but I think I need to find some new tools for my littlest guy.  I guess it's true that he will be 4 in only 2 weeks. 


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