Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tooth mouse and the first (real) snow

What a great coincidence... the first real snow fell on a Wednesday - when the kids are home from school anyway! Also, it was an exciting day because Callie has lost yet another tooth - she now has lost 6 - and has only grown in 2 replacements so far. This makes it very difficult for her to chew - she has to use the side of her mouth and often we have to cut her food up for her. Crusty French bread is particularly difficult.

In France, they don't have the tooth fairy - they have les petis souris (the little mouse) - same idea - mouse gives you money for teeth (or, we have heard in some families, candy). Whoever she is, she gave Callie 1 euro for the latest loss. Apparently, in Holland there is nothing that happens when you lose a tooth. This made me curious about traditions around the world. Check out this link:
It talks all about tooth traditions - I love the mention that tooth fairies appear in Hellboy 2 - as calcium craving monsters.... cool...

Of course, the kids were all screaming with glee when we saw the snow. They were up, dressed and had eaten breakfast in record time - we were outside playing in full gear by 8am. It was extremely wet, slushy snow. Perfect for packing but very messy. Got an opportunity to test the waterproofness of our gear. The kids' stuff all works perfectly but my snow pants did not keep my legs dry when I was kneeling in slushy puddles - hopefully the Alps snow won't be so wet!!! We spent hours playing, it wasn't too cold, and built a terrific snowperson. It got knocked down soon after we came in. (sad)
We also went over to the park to play and rolled down the steep hill nearby. We don't have any sleds yet - we are hoping Santa will bring a few for Christmas. Here are the snowy munchkins. It was strange to me that we didn't see ANY other children out playing - don't French kids get excited over the first storm? And they aren't at school... hmm.....

Went in and had hot cocoa, brought from America. I haven't found hot chocolate here yet. It seems that they only have the really intense liquid chocolate kinds of hot cocoa (which I love) but my kids prefer crappy, lukewarm Swiss Miss, preferably with mini-marshmallows. Maybe we can pick some up in Switzerland - surely this is where Swiss Miss hails from? We then painted these mini pots - they are destined to be mini candles - all the kids had a great time and worked together. They all really love their arts and crafts. Zander still says he wants to be an artist. He drew an incredibly tiny santa and snowman on his pots.

I think this is a boring post - I guess we need those sometimes... Rebecca


Shana Kennedy said...

Here in Philadelphia today, while you were celebrating your first big snow, we had temperatures near 70 degrees! And rain, lots of it. A very strange day. Baz had early dismissal at school, which is scheduled THREE times this month. Between that and holidays and school special events (and teacher conferences) how on earth do full-time working parents manage? ...those are my not-terribly-exciting comments for today.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck finding Swiss Miss in Switzerland- let me know how that goes!


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